A Roman province which is in the NW of the Balkan peninsula. Paul claims to have preached as far as Illyricum (Rom. 15:19) at the time of writing. Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin (known as the Vulgate) was born in Illyricum about 342 CE.

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  • ILLYRICUM — quod ILLYRIS Prol. et Lucano Civ. Bell. l. 4. v. 433. Illyria Steph. regio est in ora maris Hadriatici, Italiae opposita, cuius termini non ab omnibus iisdem limitibus circum scribuntur. Plin. l. 3. c. 21. 22. et 26. enim hanc inter Asium et… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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